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1. Family Atmosphere with Old Fashioned Values
2. High Academic Standards
3. Safe Athletic Training with Certified Coaches
4. While other Gyms require a "credit card on file" billing system, East Coast Flames offers unlimited fundraising opportunities to make our program affordable. If you decide the program is not for you, you have no binding contracts. 
5. Always Current with Industry Standards
6. Teaches Self-Confidence 
7. Gives your child a Fun, Positive way to occupy their time
8. Gym is well-respected in the community
9. Teaches the value of Volunteering and Giving back to the community
10. Our Results speak for themselves (Currently the title holder of "Grand Champions' National, & State Champions)
Contest of Champions- Grand & National Champs
The State Cheer & Dance- State Champions

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Top 10 Reasons to Join

"If you're looking for a family oriented organization to help build your child's self esteem and self confidience... ECF is the way to GO!"
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