East Coast Flames Tuition Price List 
All Star Cheer Athletes – TBD through TBD

Tiny, Minis, Youth, Juniors, & Seniors         TBA Month ( Tuition & Competition Fees)
 Our low Monthly Tuition includes Monthly Tuition & Competition Fees.  This year parents will be responsible for hotel fee & transportation for competition events.

*Additional Costs Include:
Choreography & Music ($200)
Annual USASF Registration   $30
Monthly Late Fee $20 (charged after the 5th of each month)
Mandatory Apparel (See Below)

Mandatory Apparel:
2 Mandatory Practice Outfits $25 Each     Tumble Wear $64*optional
Embroidered Warm Up Suit $65Embroidered Backpack $43
Competition Bow $30 Competition Socks $6
Competition Shoes: Tiny & Mini =Nike Sideline III
         Senior Teams=Nfinity Vengeance
Uniform: New Uniforms will cost $350 per cheerleader if you want to purchase. Fundraising efforts will be made each month to offset these costs. The rental fee for the season will be $75

Note: Each Competition will have an entrance and parking fee for Family & Friends. Athletes will not have to pay a registration fee.  Snack Fees are for Competition Days only. 

Siblings will receive a 20% DIscount on Tuition & Competition Fees 

Getting Started Checklist
*Submit Birth Certificate: Either email it to ecfallstars@gmail.com or bring it into the office to be scanned
*Purchase Practice Outfits and Tumble Wear
*Order Shoes from gym
*Fill out Candidate Information Sheet, Release Form, & Rules & Regulations Agreement
*”LIKE” our page on Facebook and Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/pages/East-Coast-Flames-Allstars/255976901953?ref=hl
*Register for USASF. Directions included in welcome packet
*Visit our webpage at www.ECFAllStars.com for calendar information

Practice Apparel Schedule:
Mon & Tues NightsGray Shirt, Red Shorts, Cheer Shoes, & BOW
Wed & Thur NightsRed Shirt, Gray Shorts, Cheer Shoes, & BOW
Saturday             Flames or ECF Tumble Wear
Occasionally         All Black Attire
Once Per month   “Themed Practice” listed on calendar  

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